iPhone/iOS Gateway

iPhone/iOS Gateway

Our Gateway is compulsory for iOS / iPhone when:

1. You plan on using the nGauge 4x4 App while it is minimized (running in background).

2. Have a Battery Voltage Sensor or Gas Liquid Level Sensor or plan on buying one.

If you plan on always using the nGauge 4x4 App while it is open (in foreground), and dont have a Battery Voltage Sensor or Gas Liquid Level Sensor, then you dont need the Gateway.

The Gateway can be plugged into a standard USB connector from Car radio or Cellphone charger to power it. The nGauge 4x4 App supports multiple Gateways if you move around between more than one vehicle.

Please note that enabling the mute switch on the side of you iphone will prevent all audible alarms from the app. Notifications will be shown but will be silent.

Why does iOS need the Gateway for the nGauge 4x4 App to function while running in the background?
When you minimize or run the nGauge 4x4 App in background mode, iOS blocks the Bluetooth messages from reaching the nGauge 4x4 App, because the App is not "paired" to each individual sensor. To overcome this, we developed the Gateway specially for Apple/iOS. The nGauge 4x4 App will remain connected or paired to the Gateway irrespective if the App is running in foreground or background. The Gateway then acts as a relay and transmits all the Bluetooth messages from the sensors to our App and you are instantly notified by an alarm when an issue occurs.

No manual pairing or set up is required from the user side. Our App will detect the Gateway as soon as it is in range and automatically connect to it to receive the information from your sensors. Please note only one Phone can connect to the Gateway at a time.


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