Relay Module

Relay Module

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The nGauge 4x4 Relay Module is an all-in-one solution for your accessory switching needs. Using Bluetooth, you are able to switch ON/OFF your relays using the nGauge Application installed on your phone or tablet.

Input Overview
The nGauge Relay Module has four separate sensing inputs that can be connected to any 12V power source. Some examples are shown below:
• Vehicle Ignition (ACC)
• High Beam
• Dual battery solenoid switch
• Trailer battery sense

Output Overview
The nGauge Relay Module is capable of switching four independent relays (included in the box) via the nGauge Application. Below is a list of suggested applications for the relays:
• LED Bar light switch
• Air compressor
• Working lights / Flood lights
• Winch Remote (requires 2x relays one for winding out and one for winding in)
• Fridge
• Freezer
• Solar charge controller

The nGauge Relay Module has two wires used to power the unit, four sense input wires and four relay connectors. The two power wires (Red +12V, Brown Ground should be wired to the vehicle battery or 12V power socket via an inline fuse of 5A. The four sense inputs (Grey) can be connected to any power pin for the Relay Module to sense if there is power or not on the specific pin. The sense inputs are isolated to protect the unit and what it is connected to. The relays have three wires available, Common (White), Normally Open (Red) and Normally Closed (Yellow). The common and normally closed wires are connected when the relay is in default state.

nGauge Relay Module Installation
Note that the unit is not waterproof, when installing the unit in a location where it will be exposed to fluids it is advisable to install it in an IP65 rated enclosure.

The unit is not designed for mounting directly to the engine! Excessive vibration, moisture and temperature extremes will damage the nGauge Relay or shorten its life span.

Input types
Typical connection diagram

Flow Sensor Typical Connection
Input 1 and Input 2 of the nGauge 4x4 Relay Module is compatible with standard flow sensors. This can be used to calculate the amount of liquids used out of a fuel or water tank. The counter can be reset from the nGauge 4x4 App.


Technical Data




1 Year



Power supply

9-18V DC. Reverse Polarity protection

Temperature range

-30 degrees C to +70 degrees C ambient (operation)


87 x 57 x 25mm


iOS / iPhone users, please note, should you wish to use the nGauge 4x4 App while it is minimized (running in background), our Gateway is required.


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