Cawe is a proudly South African startup company founded by outdoor enthusiasts with the passion for developing products to take your adventure to the next level.

nGauge 4x4

We are excited to announce that our nGauge 4x4 all in one driver interface system has been officially launched. A must for all Overlanding, 4x4 and Camping enthusiasts. Click the button below to go to our product page.

Key Features of Our Products

User friendly

Products designed with ease of use in mind

Low power

Products designed to have ultra low power consumption

Long Range

2.4GHz up to 50m

"The adventure begins at

the end of the roads you know... "


Love the nGauge 4x4 App! Set up was a breeze!
Have two of your voltage sensors connected to my dual-battery system. Great to see everything on one display!
Have a temperature sensor in my freezer and if the alarm didnt notify me of the high temperatures my meat would have gone off. Great product!

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