nGauge 4x4 App Intro

nGauge 4x4 App Intro

 nGauge 4x4 User Interface


Get nGauged

STEP 1Install our nGauge 4x4 application

STEP 2Connect your sensor/s

STEP 3nGauge with all the information at your fingertips 


nGauge 4x4 Android button


*please note nGauge 4x4 requires a Bluetooth 4.1 or higher compatible phone. 

All our products come with a 12 month warrantee. Click here for full details.



Welcome to nGauge 4x4.

You can start adding devices by clicking the + icon on the home page. You will be given options to add a device by scanning the QR code provided or by entering the device code. We have also included some system device widgets that use your phone's built in sensors. Depending on the device being added you will be prompted with additional configuration and instructions.

Once added, you can edit the setup of each device to meet your exact requirements. Simply tap any device widget to access the detail page of that device. The menu on the device detail page allows you to edit the device name, view device specific information or delete the device. You can also toggle muting of the device alarms by tapping the icon. You will also see a tab page for each enabled sensor of the device. This page provides an entry-point to edit the ranges and alarms of the sensor, as well as a trend of its latest values.


On the sensor edit page, you can set the alarm limits for the sensor. Setting the alarm limit equal to either the minimum or maximum range will disable that alarm. You can also increase or decrease the range of sensor values.


Changing the unit of the sensor will automatically convert the sensor values to the new unit.


On the home page, you can re-order your device widgets by long press and dragging any widget. By default the device widget will show the primary sensor of the device, but you can scroll through all the available  sensors by swiping across the face of the widget tile.

That is it. Now that you know how it all fits together, you can start adding your devices and reap the benefits getting nGauged with your equipment. You can access the help dialog, along with some additional system settings from the settings menu on the home page. Have fun!


Try it out

Scan any of the below QR codes to create a demo device in the nGauge 4x4 App.


TPMS Tyre Pressure Sensor

Battery Voltage Sensor Bluetooth

Fridge Temperature Bluetooth Sensor

 nGauge Magnetic Door Sensor

Gas Bottle Level Sensor

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